Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Urban Zebra

SO the wife and I went to LA over the weekend to see the Phantom of the Opera. It was RAD!! Saturday we went to the fashion district and I snapped around as she looked around. I didn't come up with anything very worthy, but DId shoot the one below.
Not sure why I like it, I just do. Weird subject matter, not much on composition, people in the way... etc

Still it intrigues me to almost LOVE it or HATE it. THought at the very least it would be a good source of discussion.


  1. I'm glad you posted both versions. I'm impressed you were able to find a solid background amongst all of that clutter. If the crop was a tiny bit lower it would look like a time-warp video from the 80's where the model is falling into some dark place. I have friends who have posters like this printed huge in their houses. I like it, but I won't be putting it on my walls.

  2. LA is bizzaro. This is a interesting image to say the least.