Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Devil's in the details

As one of my favorite bands put it in the song Welcome To The Occupation on their new album - "The Devil's in the details, The Devil's in the details..."

See what I'm talking about in this photo? Reminded me that as much as these just looked like a bunch of stones, there is more to one of them when you take a closer look. As we skate through life at So Cal speeds, we should be reminded to put on the armor of God as we never know where we will encounter spiritual warfare.


  1. Is this in that big pile of rocks by the clocktower or in front of the drain? I think the fact that you stopped and looked down is a good reminder to look slowly around a scene instead of just shooting the obvious. It actually looks like a triton...I see an SC Times cover shot in your future!

  2. Troy,
    you're getting all deep and spiritual with your photos. Just a testimate that you're using your God given talents. Is that a triton or the devil's pitch fork? Maybe a spork....

    This is a nice found detail. I would love to see this same photo with a shallower depth of field to separate it from the background more. I do like the good use of the rule of thirds.