Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creativity Forming

A picture of creativity in action...

As we walked around down at the pier it was Proverbs 27:17 right before my eyes. We had a good time inspiring each other and just having some good ol' guy time. Thought this was a great representation of the moment.

Ok... So I like this photo without Davo too! Here is the altered version... Dave is still VERY creative. I wonder how he learned to disappear? He should teach us that!

I also added a curve that I have been learning about. Which process do you like better? THis is another double exposure (from the same shot) process


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  2. great image troy. i think i prefer the original, but i'm not sure. it's a great landscape image, but there's just something about having a bit of a human element that gets me.

    and how is that right breaking into the pier? maybe you could PS me INTO the photo, somewhere?? :)

  3. We need to have a click meeting...everyone down for this Saturday morning? Bring cameras for a shoot session. I'll email everyone tomorrow with an agenda.

    Thanks for the inspiration Troy.