Saturday, January 31, 2009

SC Pier with TROY

So we're back from our adventures and have photos to prove it. There were a ton, seriously a ton of other photographers. One with a colored feather duster shooting families, one with an on camera flash shooting sand, and another shooting remote flash on the pier but was walking away from the amazing afterglow. We clickers are so much cooler than the other photography enthusiasts. Come-on, if we can get shots of "Twizzle" with a beer in hand and sea bubbles and pigeons ready to drop bombs and shadows of two photographers on a date and out of focus colorful horizons and creepy textures than we need to meet up more often and "click" more often....enjoy.

Most images shot with 24mm 1.4 at 1.4-2.0, The texture was shot with Troy's 100 macro, The out of focus pier was with 50mm 1.4 at 2.0, all processed with "pool party" in Boutwell actions.


  1. miah, i want you to facilitate a "how to take pictures of strangers with or without personality" click discussion please. love that frame.

  2. love the birds and the shadow frames. Good eye, mate. The pier shot is really working for me too. A "filmish" quality to it.