Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok guys. I have talked to a few of you about how important our feedback is to each other and how many times we refresh after posting a new image (for me like 50 per hour) just HOPING to see another comment. I know for me it is a HUGE part of my motivation to keep on truckin. Thanks guys for all of your support and feedback. As Miah likes to say "All that to say.." I think we should challenge ourselves to add a good comment to EVERY post. that way we will each get at least 5 comments of feedback. I for one have slacked a bit on this and am going to do better.

If your interested in this challenge, comment on this post and ad any additional thought you may have.

Really stoke on "The Click" and how far we have come. MORE TO COME IN 2009!!!


  1. You can check my name off on the TOCCF2009 list, I'm in. And if no one comments, I'll leave 5 myself.

  2. We love attention don't we. Thanks for calling it out and giving us this good challenge Troy. They say a picture is worth 1000 words so the least we can do as "growth stimulators" is comment on the photos. I'm in...

    I do think the feedback can be more constructive. If the photo could be better let's let the person know, if the photo is Hugh's let's just say it's horrible so that he posts more photos for us to look at.

    With that Hugh comment I must say that every one of you are very talented and inspire me. The beauty of Mr. Forte is his stuff is composed so differently than what my eye sees. Add shallow depth of field and milky post processing to the mix and it just leaves me wanting more.

  3. uh oh. controversy. i find myself leaning against the grain on this one, guys.

    not to say that i don't like to comment, or that i intend not to comment, but I don't know if i'd care to have sanctioned commenting on my entries. I love getting them, don't get me wrong, it is a great inspiration and its always good to get feedback from the click fellows, but I'd rather get 1 meaningful, inspired comment on a post than 5 just because comments, ya know?

    I also think that it would be more beneficial as artists if we feel a little bit of that "i better perform" pressure. illustration: when i first started posting to my flickr account i wouldn't get any sort of feedback, but the thing was, i'd never posted anything in an online community before, so i didn't really know what was going on. Then i got my first comment and i was pumped. then i saw that some photographers were getting a couple hundred comments/a few thousand favs on their images. then i wasn't so pumped. but thats what pushed me to get more creative, shoot differently, try new things, and i dont think that i would be the photographer i am today if it weren't for the flickr community and the inspiration i drew from it. you can check my stream out and look at the progression: hufort's flickr account.

    "all that to say," i totally understand the sentiment of a comment for each post, but as we established this little community around the mantra "stimulating growth," i think that to stay true to it, inspired commenting, rather than just because commenting, may be what i practice, and I ask that you guys would practice it on my entries for my own sake, as well.

    and now i will apologize for not good grammar, pooor spelling, and making you all read rambling rants. and alliterations.