Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rod's new site

Hard drives are restored, program bugs eliminated, and domain servers finally reconciled. So, I'd love some friendly website feedback from some of the great minds of design and layout.
For now, my online printlab is essentially empty as it will need a re-design as well, so the "prints" tab doesn't do much. But I added a full-screen button to the entire site and threw a new slideshow in with the weddings gallery.
She's bound to give you a bumpy ride at first, so go easy...she's a freshy.
Thanks lady and gents.


  1. Rod that is SICK! i'm pumped for you man. huge step up, and i cant wait to see where this takes you. i love that shot of the shower head in the structure gallery. so pro. you're kind of rekindling my website fire. must. take. more. pictures.

  2. sicky site; love the ease of these new showit sites; great content and variety of portfoliio. one criticism: no headshot!!! who is this Rod Foster?? People want a visual to go with their mental image. That's all I got; like Hugh, I'm stoked to see your image rise to the next level- good stuff!