Friday, January 23, 2009

On Paper

This photo has nothing to do with the post, I just wanted more than text. I have a little project in mind that I think would benefit everyone. Find one of our images that's super clean with good detail & color and email the high-res version to everyone. Each of us prints it at the lab that we prefer and bring them in to compare at the next Clickathon. We'd just need to decide the size and paper type (metallic, lustre, matte, etc).
What do you think?
It would probably cost everyone $2 - $15 for an 8x10 depending on the lab. And personally, I wouldn't mind puttin' up some of your work on my walls anyway.


  1. Great idea Rod but my images are copyrighted, registered and trademarked so I would need to get paid at least $5000 for each hi-res negative that's sent over. Of course I'm sure everyone else's photos are in the same boat which would cancel out the money owed. If we all do it i'm down.

    Start us off Rod, I'll take the image you posted above, that shot is insane! There's something special about putting up another artists work in your home.

  2. I'd rather use a 5d or Mk2 shot to assure the quality is there and give the print the best shot. C'mon boys, I want to see a sweet 5d nugget! Don't be shy.

  3. cool idea. i'd been itching t see how labs compare. but if we are printing each other's photos (6 total) then $15 each gets a little pricey, and that's not even including the $5000 copyright dealio! should we print a 5x7?

  4. Maybe we should just pick a couple photos adn pitch in for all the print. Like $20 per person.

  5. To clarify, I was thinking we each print just 1 of the same photo. It would be an ivestment, but I think a valuable one long term. I picked 8x10 because I think you can compare quality better at that size. Here's a range of 8x10 price from glossy to metallic paper from various labs:
    Adoramapix: $1.95 - $2.95
    SmugMug: 1.99 - 3:30
    Mpix: 1.99 - 2.49
    DotPhoto: 2.16
    ProPhoto: 2.75 - 10.00

    I think whatever we decide to do will be cool to see some comparisons. Also, it could be interesting to note customer service, packaging, drop-ship capabilities, rolled or flat delivery, etc for eahc of the vendors.

  6. Back again! Geez...
    Side note: I know Troy's got some gems hidden on one of those external 1TB's.
    If, let's say Troy, pulled up the digital file on his monitor, we could also compare each print to its digital version and turn the session into a lesson on monitor calibration techniques...which I would love to be a student of.