Thursday, January 8, 2009

this is not a new year resolution

the concept came to me on dec. 28th so i started jan. 1. had it come june 28th i would have started july 1st. and so on. but that is neither here nor there.

i've put before myself the challenge to shoot at least 1 picture a day, every day through january, with the intention of compiling a book of b/w images by the end of the month. so far it's been both a challenge (because sometimes i just dont want to make the effort to be creative) and really neat (because images that i wouldn't normally take a second glance at become really cool and interesting, in my minds eye, when i tell myself they will be in a book. and everybody like to take cool and interesting pictures, regardless of their circumstances).

so, here are a few of the spreads that i put together tonight. have a look. i'll throw up some pictures of the book when i get it.


  1. beautiful and inspiring. Great challenge.

  2. It's said that everyone should publish one book in their lifetime. That's 63 for Hugh.
    Side note: want to make some residual income...make a book at and name your own price. People buy your stuff & Blurb sends you a check. I'll buy yours Hugh.

  3. thanks dave!

    rod. dude. for real? i'm designing the book to blurb specifications because they seemed the best price/product ratio, but residual income? i best start making some sweet pictures.

  4. If my numbers are correct, I'd say you owe the Click at least 7 more pages...teaser!