Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to be well lit

To go along with our lighting series, I thought I'd post the photo that made me famous at the AFFF awards this year (Association of Friends Foofing Friends). I think the photo speaks for itself.

...I think this is the worst photo ever taken!


  1. 1. best. photo. evar. would you mind walking us through the creative process for this image?

    2. would someone please teach me how to remove the TS from my camera body? k thnx.

  2. #1 don't eat all day
    #2 shoot so much that you develop what I call "negative creativity"
    #3 Tell Hugh to push through the pain and keep shooting anyway
    #4 Convince Hugh to look into large mirror across from dance floor
    #5 Full power, zoom flash to 105mm, blast away execution style until Hugh's face can actually be used as a light source
    #5 Use new Hugh-light as fill for the rest of the evening

  3. your guys are dorks....

    Dangerous On Righteous Kamera Skills

    I want a hugh light