Tuesday, January 6, 2009

30's Glam

My friend Hugh Forte snapped this retro-nugget outside of the Grove in LA. A little noise & wb work in LR2 added some ancient creaminess.


  1. 5d Mark 2? What ISO. The thing looks pretty sweet and love the natural setting. Looks just like the 1930's minus the white honda civic parked across the street.

  2. nice work rodrigo! way to make this frame count man. did you do noise reduction in LR2 only?

    no way miah, this frame is OG 5D 35/1.4. iso1600 at like 125th of a sec or something. had i been paying attention to the settings i prolly could have pulled it down to iso400 1/40th and givin rod a nice clean file ...or i could just get myself a mkii and shoot iso2000 all day long.