Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Click Night

Here's some out takes from our last click meeting...let's do another soon.


  1. ha these are awesome, i really missed out bailing early :( ...i don't quite get the technique in the background; were those special reflectors or just good ol' shenanigans?

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  3. these images are phenomenal. they look how the chorus from cutting crew's 1986 breakout hit "(i just) died in your arms tonight" sounds. i love. new facebook picture for sures.

  4. So much laughter took place in that sexy little studio! Hugh, mine's up...I'm checking your Facebook now. Greenberg's got nothing on the Click!

  5. Seriously one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time.

    All the big names use their foam chore as reflector get air on the hair plus more light. It looks so natural don't you think. Everyone is doing it now in New York, LA and Mission Viejo but they have the retouchers photoshop it out the background so you can't tell for big ad campaigns.

    Basically, that night was all pro all the time. A few I couldn't post but if Rod and Hugh are cool I'll show at the next meeting.