Sunday, January 4, 2009

hunter + meghan sneak peak

so miah's lighting-fast, i-blog-same-the-night-as-the-wedding post reminded me that i had a few images sitting on my desktop from the reception slideshow at my wedding last night, as well. shot with some new/borrowed/rented equipment yesterday and got some images i'm really excited about. here's a little peak at some action.

oh, and matty, clearly the bar for blogging immediacy has been set. i know you had a wedding of your own yesterday, get some images blogged asap or else! click.


  1. Mr Forte, I wish I could make my black and white film look as good as your digital. Yes I said it, film aint got nothing on digi. Love the look of the bride on the third one, very moody fashion. The natural light studio look is killer.

  2. I concure with Mr Klein in regards your your grey & white abilities. You've definitely nailed the tones to make 'em look all buttery-smooth. I wonder if Lightroom could produce such sumptuous monochrome? I'll make it my mission!

  3. thanks miah bro, you film blasphemer.

    yo rod. thats my main gripe with LR. i love how quick LR is, but i hate the BW conversions it generates. If you can come up with a solid BW preset in LR, i will buy it from you for many dollars.

    thanks for the comments boys.