Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tunnel to the Heart

Davo and I took some "man time" and went shooting down at the pier. WE both felt a little rusty and it took a while to get the creativity flowing. All in all I got a few winners. I saw this drain pipe ( the one by the clock tower) and thought it would be cool to make it pretty. My thoughts were about how pretty San Clemente is, but yet there are still many drains that get rid of our waste. I was challenged to examine my life for drain pipes and to "clean them up" so to speak.

5DMII, 24-105 - combined 2 exposures.

Hugh, since you asked, I thougth I would show the 2 exposures I used. I did not use an HDR program.
I have what I think is a pretty cool metod of blending exposures. I think It may be a click tutorial or at least a Jing post!

The last one is the non-colorized version of the blend...


  1. Nice work! I wish I had something as great to show for our outing.

  2. I think the "back" story is perfect. There are a thousand butt-looking drains in OC, but none that open up to one of the most photographed beautiful beach scenes. It would be cool to take a second shot westward as a contrast. You could call it the "turd's-eye-view"

  3. I love that as a photographer you can go 3 steps outside your house and get some interesting images. The lines in this are sweet making this visually strong almost scary. To go with Rod's analigy, I wonder where this creepy waste hole goes.

  4. love how you pulled all the contrasty details out with the dual exposures troy. what hdr engine did you use? PS? I can never seem to garner the results i want with the Bridge->PS HDR.

  5. somebody should do a quick tutorial on HDR at the next click meeting; i'm too lazy to research it on the internet.

    the details are sooo clean on this image- good stuff