Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tonight's Wedding

Well Mike Stonis and I have our 5d mark 2s and tested them out today on our first 2009 wedding. Pretty sweet camera but the AV and TV modes are a little funky with the metering. That said it still kicks booty.

Troy, the bride looking out the doorway look familiar?


  1. killing it miah. you've got such a knack for creating ideal light. you might need to facilitate another lighting seminar for us light n00bs. btw, i'm down for next friday.

  2. Lighting round 2 sounds good to me. Im going to shoot my prego wife today and work on some new material. Nice work on getting your stuff up last night too. My comment is coming...

    The DJ from last night's wedding knows Jim Kennedy and said he's always on the computer...emailing, blogging, networking with people. I think his company averages 200 weddings a year. I pays to work hard. Of course not sure how his quality of life is but still his business is killing it.