Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't Backwash

Too much color? NEVER!!

The B/W version from the backlit angle


  1. Nice color. Ir is actually a pretty dark photo with some super white water
    I like the contrast of dark to light.
    what was this?

  2. It's just a wave hitting the rocks down at West St. in Laguna. I waited a while for the right splash. It also looks cool with the same contrast in B/W.

  3. nice rod. noice. i think the ultra-contrast of the b/w really lends to the harshness of the moment. i think this would be a really sweet scene to shoot with a t/s... you know... so most of it would be out of focus. except for like, one drop of water. seriously though. ps. i want to see some 5D2 video on the blog asap.

  4. The first one is almost like a reverse wave. Nice moment in time. All you need is a surfer just above the spray and surfline will run it.