Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who invited the shadows?!

My brother (Mark) asked me if it was possible to remove the hideous shadows on his wedding photo and make it to a size 8x10. Talk about a fun project. Simple enough but the result of creating something someone will be stoked on...priceless. Oh yeah, Mark wants to learn photoshop now. Even better.
ps. I love before & after comparisons. Makes me all warm inside.


  1. awesome job dave. really clean. I cant spot any artifacts. how'd you do it?

    the only thing i'd do different is a add just a touch of shadow back to the bottom of those 2 little ruffles on the right hand side of her train... without the shadow to add some depth it sort of looks superimposed. but all in all, really well done.

  2. Thanks, Hugh :) You're totally right. I did what you said and it made a difference. After some playing I went with a "less is more" approach. Doesn't take much to bring back a more cohesive feel. Thanks. Oh yes. How'd I do it. I cut them out, moved them to the right, and erased the edges. The background was perfect for duplicating to create a larger canvas.

  3. Great photoshop work bro! Like Pro!
    I think it looks super clean and I like how you brought out the details with some processing too. I can't believe he's married!