Sunday, December 7, 2008

self portrait sunday

i like to relax on sundays with some light reading: dictionaries, medical journals, anthologies of modern poetry... the usual. today i figured i might as well photograph myself doing so, so i put some of miah's lighting tips to work, and here's what i got:

I started with the softbox above the camera as the primary light. then i added the second softbox to the left of the camera to give a slightly more directional light. added the 580 for rim light and then the janky of all jankies, the vivitar, for some more rim and a bit of hair light:

what do you guys think? criticism welcome.

edit: just realized that self-portrait hugh is about to turn the page backwards. rad. how does that saying go?... the devil's in the details?


  1. As far as the using what Miah, God of all Strobes, taught us the other day, I think you nailed it. One thing that you added to the mix is a good balance between ambient (bookshelf) and the controlled lights. Did you use the "check one strobe at a time technique"? What did your settings end up at? And I love the wig!

    ...oh, sorry, I was just told that's your real hair.

  2. quite exceptional! I am thoroughly enjoying your post. Appreciate the set-up shot. Yes, just looked again. Fantastic. No criticisms!

  3. oh yes. What size are your soft boxes?

  4. Hugh,
    Great work. You're creativity and execution is top notch. You look like a Harry Potter character. We'll have to do this again with Dave and Troy...

  5. rod. i almost retouched more hair onto the models head in post, but had second thoughts. i did the light by light set-up to see how each one effected the image, which played a large part in where that second softbox (camera left) was positioned. The settings are all on the setup shot, in white, next to their respective strobes.

    thanks dave. the softboxes are medium sized rectangles, like 2'x3' i'd say.

    miah. harry potter is my favorite. i was super bummed i didn't have a hogwarts red and yellow diagonal striped tie otherwise i totally would have harry-ed this thing out. maybe next time...

  6. haha this is hilarious...freakin' nailed it man

  7. This photo is a great epresentation of your growth bro! We need to do some photoshoping sometime! I could learn a few things from ya!!