Thursday, December 18, 2008


it'll take a bit to buffer... turn up your volume and click here.

canon xti | 50mm 1.8 | 10-22mm | 200mm 2.8


  1. thanks rodrigo. interesting project. i had no idea how many frames it takes to make a couple seconds of stop motion. none the less, it was super fun to see the images come to life a bit... next time i might try to give it some sort of plot, or incorporate some human element. it was kinda tough to find people in the rain.

  2. Very good buddy, Yeah I have done a bit with my 20d. It takes TON of photos. I usually set it to med JPG and let her rip!
    Great job with the focusing too!

  3. A motion picture camera shoots 24 frames per second and the DV cams are 30 fps so that means you're looking at 300 frames for 10 seconds. Hughs film was over a minute so he shot roughly 1800 images. With the shutter going bad after 100,000 clicks that's only 60 minutes before it's time to get it serviced. How's that for high school math skills.

    I'm sure he shot less than that but it's pretty cool that the SLR's can now shoot motion without using the shutter.
    What did you edit this in? imovie? photoshop? I hear photoshop can make motion clips.

    Well done Hugh, well done indeed