Sunday, December 14, 2008

First week in Hawaii

One week down one week to go. Slater wins! Slater wins! Slater wins....again

working on some panos in lightroom and CS4, what do you think of the pipeline traffic?


  1. the water's looking super chocolately. I love the wide angle bottom weighted brown blue sky pipe shot & the one right above it, shoot man I pretty much am digging them all :)

  2. Mr. Kline. I'm pumped on your photos. Checked out the rest of them on Surfline and they look great! Nice work.

  3. miah check your settings. i think your camera's gone blue/brown color blind. LOVE that shot of blue jersey about to hit the water. cant wait to see them all man.

  4. Better than E. Chang's studio series. I aint joking! And, Is that empty backdoor?! Please tell me you got in the water!