Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Photos

Took another family photo, what do you think? any critiques?
I used my 5D and (1) 580ex on a light tree with umbrella.
I also added a Jing of how I removed the bushes...
(video is big, haven't figured out how to re-size...)


  1. I'm liking the video additions. Yours kept buffering so I couldn't make it through. I like the photos. The second one really pops. A good separation from the background. Would love to have seen a picture of you up in the tree :)

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  3. Same here, couldn't see all the vid. You can select the screensize before you record. I would suggest first making your workspace as compact as you can to reduce the file size. To select just a portion of the screen drag from corner to corner the area you want to record.

    One critique on composition. Rafe taught me a basic tip on group portraits that has helped a lot. If you arrange people using triangular shapes, it is a lot more pleasing to the eye. Of course, this image has a nice feel to it because of everyone's natural expression which can outweigh the composition; however, I think it could be stronger the proper positioning of the people. Maybe moving the son and daughter apart and the daughter a little closer to Dad, what do you think?

  4. looks great troy. thanks for the vid. it's awesome to see other peoples workflows for sure. i'm gonna have to play around with more of those boutwell actions, i kinda get stuck on the few that i like. thanks for sharing.

  5. Troy knows popping color. Just one question, how did you get above the family doing the wave?

  6. With a ladder I brought. I was 10 ft up and zoomed in to about 60mm