Thursday, December 11, 2008

San Clemente Pier

Hugh-instead of a black and white here's a pretty straight rendition of the action "super old skool." Kristen looked over my shoulder and said, "oh, that's cool!" I like it too. Actions make me look so good ;)
I took this a few weeks ago while borrowing Troy's 20D and 200mm 2.8 lens. I love the "fresh" morning colors and the lone fisherman.


  1. davo. i dig this. it almost looked like a long exposure at first glance. very minimal, adds to the singularity of that fisherman. got a high-contrast b/w we could view by any chance?

  2. Sweet sauce for shizzle. I love the super old skool filter. It looks so creamy and nice. I wonder how it would look with the boutwell magic glasses.

  3. THese both are great shots. I love the processing. I would love to se the original and a Jing of what you did!!