Thursday, December 11, 2008

photo-geometry mang!

Reply to Dec 10th "Family Photo": Sweet family photo dude; loved the even lighting, expressions, and season-flattering location choice. As I mentioned in my posted comment, I think the composition could have been a touch stronger for a more posed shot.  Since it seems to be the "in" thing to do these days, I went Jing-steezy for this post :)

Click here for video


  1. thanks matty. i've never seen the whole triangle thing broken down like that and it definitely does make a considerable difference. i just looked through the my hodgman blog post and the images with triangular comps are hands down the ones i prefer.

    unfortunately i am way to photog-spastic most of the time to slow my thinking down enough to compose so thoughtfully. such is life.

    one request, if i may: could you please post a video tutorial on how to shoot triangular compositions with 2 people? i think it could really take my essessions to the next level. k thnx.

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  3. 2 people???? zionks man that's geometrically impossible! hehe :)

  4. is a "zoinks" a 2 pointed triangle? i'm confused.