Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wakee Wakee Eggs and Bakee

My first sunrise family portrait. The first one is the unedited version straight out of the 5dMkII.
Settings: 1/200th, ISO 400, f.8, 105mm, 580exII full power w/ umbrella
The second one got some Lightroom help for exposure, clarity, & warmth. Then I threw some Magic Glasses, smoothed & sharpened in CS3. The processing has been tough because I've had to shoot JPEG due to the late release of the update and CS3 doesn't support the new RAW. It came out really warm and the retouch is a little "photoshoped." I say, the warmer the better, 'cause I was freezing my beans off whe I took it.
Since we didn't cover Hugh's question last month about balancing sunlight w/ flash, any advice or thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.


  1. nice rodham. great job bringing the eyes up in post, that really strengthened the image.

  2. Rod,
    Your post looks great, nice fix. And I love the penisula or isthmus that leads your eye to the lady. Hope the computer stuff is working itself out for you.