Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Teaching the teacher

Kristen and I spent some time with my parents in La Jolla over the weekend. They were on a cruise and came in to port in San Diego. Appropriate that there is a ship on the horizon. I like to tie it all together ;)
My dad and I played around with his Canon Rebel XTi a bit. I got to teach him a few tricks and he was stoked. I don't believe he ever watched where he was going unless it was through his viewfinder. When I was a young boy he handed me a Minolta XGM film SLR. I reminded him of the advice he gave me, "Always keep the shutter at 60." It
 wasn't until I was a few years older I realized you could actually shoot a photo at other 'shutter speeds'! I always wondered what all those numbers were for if you couldn't ever use them! It was good advice for a young boy to start with :)
This first photo was taken by my father, Dr. Ken Morrison. Way to go, Dad. 
The second photo, of my lovely wife, was taken by myself.
Canon Rebel XTi: ISO 200 - 92mm - 1/500 - f10 - no flash
Canon Rebel XTi: ISO400 - 18mm - 1/100 - f6.3 - pop up flash


  1. I like the subtle shadow detail in the silhouette, I think it adds a lot without distracting from the tangy sunset. And, geez Dave, your pop's pop-up rules! You've inspired me to sell all of my lighting and going with pop-up for everything. Nice work.

  2. yes, I agree, pop-ups are sick! The image is found has been popping up a little themselves:

    Me gustan las fotos!

    Top photo: God paints a nice scene and your Dad snaps a mean photo!

  3. Ilove the top I guy the apple can return to the tree and teadch the tree how to make fruit!! I like the bottom one to , great wide angle-ish look. Good work, and your pops did a great job!

  4. Who's that super hot mama in Dave's photo?
    p.s. This is Stacy, not Troy!
    p.p.s. And may I just say that you all do such a great job with your photos. Since this webpage is now our homepage, I see all your stuff every time I get online at home. I am always so amazed...keep up the good work, y'all!

  5. Yahoo for the click. This is good stuff. Dave the top photo would look like mexico if they were playing soccer not volleyball. The tree on the side makes the frame have a sloppy border feel. Sweet, sweet ,sweat.