Wednesday, October 8, 2008


brother rod shot me an email after last weeks meeting requesting a couple more examples of the boutwell TS action, so i figured i'd share them with the rest of the group. here are three examples of the f/zero + f/zero super HQ action combo, each with varying degrees of extra PS work.

1. this first image is courtesy of the aforementioned Photog of Extreme Suave and Gusto (PESG) aka rod-bro aka lil' rofo aka rod)) and is pretty much straight out of the camera, aside from some heavy handed cropping on my part. (it originally had a lot of palm tree action vertically which threw off the miniaturizing effect of the TS effect, so for the sake of said effect, i cropped.)

2. this is a picture from an airplane window. the tilt-shift is diagonal which gives it a semi-miniaturizing effect, but not completely, and it looks kind of weird. weird and out of focus. dig it.

3. in this one, i wanted to use the TS to minimize, rather than miniaturize. by blurring what little extraneous detail there IS in this image, i was hoping to exaggerate the delicateness of the birds on the line. i did all of that on accident, but after letting the action run, i realized that's what it did for me. then i added a ton of curves and junk on top to even the lighting and tones.

so there's a quick preview of the action. it definitely doesn't replace a real TS lens IMO, but it's a lot cheaper. however, i haven't let the f/zero INSANE quality action run it's course yet because it really might take all day from what i can tell (it utilizes the lens blur filter in PS which is a beast of a filter no matter what kind of processing power your packing). so, that might come close to the real TS deal, but like i said, to my knowledge, the actions are just a quick fix. k bye.


  1. You are officially my retoucher. When people ask, "Do you use Photoshop?" now I can say confidently, "NO! But I know a guy who does."
    The Barbie play set looks crazy. Sometimes I wonder if the "birds-eye-view" TS thing is just cool to look at but is too gimmicky to actually deliver to a client. But it still makes me want to hire a pilot.

  2. Seriously, thanks for spending the time on that. Just hug-h yourself for me.