Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good vs. Evil

What's better, reality or makeup (real & digital)? You decide. Seriously, I don't know. Before I edit these shots from today (thanks Hugh for the 5D!) I thought I'd put up a little before & after of the extremes: from no makeup to fake lashes, makeup, pro-retouch, a little sharpen, contrast, & color balance.

Settings: One big-ole octobox, bounce card, ISO 100, f.16, 160th, 100mm 2.8 macro lens on a 5D.


  1. whoa... that's pretty much all that went through my mind. oh yeah, and I bet she's bummed her photo needed so much post. yeah, that too. Who did the retouch for you? nice work.

  2. "No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted." -Dove

  3. Ya pretty crazy. Im all for makeup, but not that much!

  4. I only shoot fake things in reality so that the perception of beauty isn't affected. Ya that doesn't make any since but it's hard to shoot the inner beauty of things and have the marketing world pay you for it.

    Rod, good work on the retouch. Did you show her the original?