Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I shot a wedding on film

Good thing I was a guest. Here are a few frames from a friend's wedding I attended this summer. I have a tough time turning off the wedding photog in me I suppose, like it or not.

Originally, I intended on uploading these images because of the awesome quality of the B&Wness of professionally developed Ilford HP5. Unfortunately, I over estimated my scanning prowess, hence the not-awesome-at-all quality of the following scans. However, I still found some value in uploading these images, even if only for myself (but hopefully for you too). Anyway, here are my thoughts...

I was pumped on shooting these images of my friends having a good time at the reception because it felt totally natural- "these people are used to seeing me with a camera, they don't mind"- that's my thought process here. So I'm trying to reconcile that with why I so often feel funny about getting friendly with wedding guests at weddings where I'm the "official" photog. Those guests also know that I am supposed to have a camera and that I'm also supposed to stick that camera in their faces once or twice through out the night, right? But a lot of the time, I find myself shying away from doing so. I reckon that's a bit of the extrovert in me.

So, what am I getting at here? I dunno, I'm making this stuff up as I go. But I'm thinking about trying to shift my mindset at my next wedding; maybe I'll just pretend all these folks are my friends and that they won't mind. I'm still planning on getting a fair share of the stink-eye shots, but maybe that change in attitude will be the trick. Maybe my friendly vibes will get their friendly vibes going too. Worth a shot.

Camera: Canon AE-1
Lens: Canon FD 50mm f/1.4
Film: Ilford HP5


  1. I love me some 50mm 1.4!! Is there a better lens, honestly! I love the film grain & tones, very un-digital. The shots themselves are rad too...good emotion & composition.

  2. Hugh, you should be a writer too. Maybe a philosophy writer. I too want to change my mindset and get more in the action when shooting a wedding. I feel like I sell myself as a ninja in the shadow but instead of a blowgun and throwing star my camera is my weapon. Ya, when you get in peoples face with confidence and a smile they open you up to their world and BAM!, cover shots....

    Way to go retro, film is back!

  3. I love the feel of the photos. RETRO!!! definitely telling a story here.
    Love the grain!