Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kids will be Kids

Shot a wedding last night and these kids kept getting in front of my camera. So much fun shooting those innocent souls...not in a creepy way of course.

Processed in Lightroom to jpgs + lux hard at 20%-50% in Photoshop

Dave, you're last post inspired this post


  1. OK, shot a wedding last night and you've already processed photos! Who are you!? And, I should mention, I checked your blog and you posted them to "The Click" first! Now that's commitment. Each shot has it's own emotion, I love all of them.

  2. I'm pretty sure my first time "assisting" (for free) was at that same reception site. I won't mention I shot everything in 3200 ISO...that's why I'm not posting any examples :(

  3. Thanks Rodicus. Ya Troy is committing to 2 updates a month with comments on every entry and putting this blog as his home page. The least I could do is be quick with some sweet photos. More to come....

  4. I like the blown out hands of the girls the best. just something about it... I like the stairs one too, well I like them all, but these are the two that stand out more! How many steps did that girl jump anyways?

  5. By the way, Hawaii is GREAT, we have had a blast cliff jumping, surfing, snorkeling, relaxing... etc
    we should make this one of our photo projects. Fly here, shoot and fly back. what do ya say?

  6. yeah miah, 1 day blogging turn around is setting the bar a bit high, don't you think? i'm feeling inadequate.

    i dig that shot of the girls rolling on the dance floor. something about shooting straight down lends a fresh perspective to the frame, which engaged me. and it makes them look small. and i dont know how your feet aren't in it. were you flying? you can fly, huh? i'm feeling inadequate again.