Monday, April 27, 2009


okay, i have to say a few things:
1. there is so much that can be said about this post.
2. never the less, i don't really know what to say about it.
3. i very well may be the architect and antagonist of the click blog's degeneration and ultimate downfall due my recent posts of which the only merit is their lack there of. of merit.
4. for that i am sorry.
4 & 1/2. i love bokeh.
5. you can thank mr. morgan for this gem. fyi.
6. the images exif data read "f/-2.8" ...wha?
7. snuffalufagus.


  1. Did you just shoot an anteater's wedding? That's the craziest kiss shot i've ever seen!

  2. i love lamp. i mean i love bokeh. umm, anteaters are chill too.