Sunday, April 19, 2009


Fun: this image is fun.
Critique: I'm interviewing for what could be an epic photography job. I'm creating a blog to showcase a portfolio of work. I'm going to have it done by Monday. Could you guys check it out and give me any of your thoughts, critiques or encouragement? The job is for photojournalism so I'm putting together some images that tell a story (as well as some others to show technical proficiency).



  1. Looks good, Dave. I can't wait to check out your portfolio when it's finished! With the first gallery I noticed quite a few strong images that on their own told a lot of the story of the trip. But, they did get lost a little in the number of images posted. Also, some BW thrown in could add some dramatic effect too.

  2. I think these are great story telling photos. So far, its seems that you have a HUGE list of mex photos and just a FEW of other photos as if you have only done 4-5 events. I think it may be good for you to cut mex down to 15, and then list each one or two as separate posts with even a one liner to give them meaning and not just photos you threw in.

    IT seems to be a mexico slide show with some random misc. photos at the end. MAybe your not don adding photos, just a point of view from what is there as of Sunday night.

    Great work though!!

  3. davo. epic stuff man. really impressed with the wedding images you've got on there. hard to believe that you've only been involved in a couple weddings with the quality you're turning out. really solid, man.

    I tend to agree with the previous comments in regard to the number of images in the mex post. My $.02 is that that is the best post in qhich to showcase the the photojournalism, that said, one of the unspoken laws of photojournalism (from what i've gathered) is that you should really have eye contact with the camera, as that turns it into more of a portrait. Maybe pull those and run with the wide angle images of the structure going up. Those images caught my eye immediatly, and have a much more editorial feel to them.

    Shortly before i left for europe, i got in touch with a phenominal photographer ( ), and he encouraged me to find a specificaesthetic for each story you shoot, be the light, the color, the f-stop, the angle, etc, and run with that, making sure to tie it into each image to really cultivate the FEEL of the story as much as the content of the story. Maybe play around with refining the post towards a specific aesthetic (oh, and did i mention i think the wide angle images from mex were epic?).

    Good luck, davo!

  4. proof reading my post would have been rad! among others...

    "...should really AVOID eye contact with the camera..."

  5. Gentlemen, I have very much appreciated your comments and suggestions. Granted, this was a very tight schedule, so I was not able to implement some of the ideas before it was viewed by the organization.
    I had a few interviews yesterday and they went VERY well :) I am super stoked that this job may soon be a reality. I would be working for Samaritan's Purse, based in Boone, North Carolina. I would be working and learning from these two photographers, Paul Sherar and Matt Powell My job would be to travel domestically and internationally to photograph the humanitarian efforts of the organizations-highlighting the needs and the relief.

    Foster: thank you for the quick reply. I hope I didn't disappoint with the additional b&w that I added to the other galleries :)

    Troy: Thanks for the insight. Definitely a lot of photos and I stressed at first, but went with the more is better approach. Trying to show consistency throughout to expand on my story telling ability. The other galleries I think highlight diversity outside that environment + tech. It's hard when you have no idea what their taste, expectations are!

    Hugh: I was like, "say what?!" thanks for the clarity ;) Thanks for the wedding compliment. Rest assured I gave a lot of junk to Morgan as well lol. This photojournalism is a bit different it seems. It is really Humanitarian Photojournalism. I forgot to mention. Instead of strictly showing fact it presents a human connection in order to more powerfully connect the viewer. Thanks for your insight and the link. The guy is awesome.

    You guys are amazing and inspire me, thanks :)