Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stolen photos...I give it 2 thumbs up!

Well, that's now 3 blogs that have taken photos from mine in the last week. So, why do I have 2 comments on my post and Audrina got like 43? Oh yeah, she's famouser than all of us. Photo credit...nope :( Check it out:


  1. Tell her that you want photo credit bro or take down the photos. You made her what she is today, don't ever forget it.

    the truth hurts sometimes, tell her she needs hook it up or else Larry H. Parker is coming over, tell her...

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  3. dang rod. i did know you did celebrity photos. and you're so freakin cool you don't even claim it with a hyperlink. how did you get the job with those two? ps. i posted a link to your site on miss audrina's blog, comment #44...respect

  4. such a super lame thing to do with such super amazing photos....

    when did you start watermarking your images with the "audrina patridge exclusive" logo? radical branding.

  5. SUPER NO NO!! I would have her pay for those photos since they have already been exposed as her's and insist on YOUR watermarks IF you ever let her use your photos again. She committed a felony bro. That is total theft Especially the watermark!!

  6. Oooooh, good topics for El Click:
    1) watermarking - photoshop vs. lightroom
    2) free usage for promotion vs. tight copyrights
    3) contracts & model releases - review by lawyer or "wing it"
    Thanks boys for the backup.
    p.s. where's Shauna??

  7. brazen villainy! I too would be tempted to brandish my logo all over those bad boys. Sweet photos. Glad I know they're yours.

  8. brazen villainy. game over.

  9. Yo kids-- for your meeting where you talk about brazen villainy and copyright stuff, check out this article from PDN's legal department about copyrighting before you get together.