Monday, November 3, 2008


So I cleaned out a bunch of my photo magazines the other day while my wife was on the computer...I got inspired and shot a photo of her from above. I told her to close her eyes and hold still. Shot window light in my office with 50mm, 1/125 1.4, iso 400, medium jpg, minor post contrast adjustment and crush blacks. I can see why Hugh likes the wife open primes, I'm a believer....enjoy...


  1. yes! such an emotive image. pumped on the composition. pumped on the prime-ness. tell the wifey nice job on the modeling.

  2. Great shot! Like the captured moment. I kinda like the composition too!
    Great tones and use of natural light!

  3. very aesthetically pleasing. love the downy-soft focus leading us into that one mysterious eye. It's a beauty. Composition lends some energy but the selective focus reels me in.