Friday, November 14, 2008

Day of the Dentist

I've spent my whole life avoiding the dentist. Yesterday I spent 12 hours with Dr. Ken Garcia to make up for it.


  1. Rod, this is great. A day in the life with a dentist never looked so good. Do you think he could give me a second opinion? As you know my other dentist wants to drill and potentially give me a crown. Love the speed blur...

  2. 2 Dental Dudes:
    Dr. Ken Garcia
    Dr. Luis Paniagua
    He's from my BNI chapter & every week someone else raves about him...however, I still havent't made an appointment

  3. Love the speed blur. Where you moving with him?

    So you traded for some work??
    Fun to capture someone else's life for a day huh?

  4. Yeah, the blur was a challenge. The shot here was just a pan but I also tried a few from the back of a truck that didn't turn out as well. The stills and video (shot by the talented Cliff Talley) will be compiled for use of his website & marketing materials via the design genius of Chad Early. Needless to say, I charged him for this one.