Sunday, November 23, 2008

ghetto fab ring flash

i've had this project in mind for a while now, and on friday, i finally started it. most of the materials were bought at walmart, minus the hardware/fasteners, which were scrounged from various corners of the garage. started with 2 plastic bowls, a plastic tub, a stick of epoxy putty and spray paint. took a dremel to it all and ended up with this:

i didn't have anyone at hand to model, but lillie puggle is generally pretty willing to sit in. definitely interested in how it will work on a human subject though...


  1. wow...all I can say is, "That is so MacGyver!" I can't wait to see it at the next clickers meeting.

  2. Two questions.
    1) How much?
    2) Do they come in red?

    Way to push the limits, bro. I'm totally inspired.