Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jack-Bot Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone was having a nice Halloween...ghosts, monsters, superheroes, monkeys, etc until Jack-Bot had to come and ruin everything. All the other kids and parents ran home crying, "It's not fair! It's just not fair being that darn cute!"
f.4, 1/100th, 1 slaved 580exII, 28mm, ISO 250 (no post-process)


  1. Kristen says, "Ohhhh, so CUTE!" ...okay, so did I. Jackson looks amazing! Good job mom and dad. AND pretty sweet picture. Something about the tone of Jackson and his costume is very Oz. Nice work.

  2. YES mr OZ himself, I was thinking the same thing! Thats not a tripod on top of his head is it?

    Great job on the photo, it really looks porfesional

  3. I like the fact that is was all fun and games until 3 houses later when he couldn't sit or move his arms he had a break down...

    Great use of the off camera flash.

  4. Later that night I snapped a quick shot of him trying to pick up a piece of candy he'd dropped...toddler torture.