Friday, October 23, 2009

Too much sun??

Can you have too much sun flare?
I personally like this one as I have others that are not flared as to balance the picks.
What are your thoughts?


  1. I think flare is good. I try to shoot at least 8 pieces of flare each wedding.
    That being said, it is good to have the balanced ones as the bread and butter, just in case the alien-flare or headless-flare (as seen in former Click posts) maliciously attack your frame.

  2. agreed rod. there can def be too much flare ( NOT in these frame though. the strong flare gives a strong sense of place- a nice fall feel, good shot troy

  3. you HAVE to have couples walking into the sun. it's the classic "into the sunset" feel. walking into a bright future.. you know, good cliches like that.
    The first frame is really well balanced. Even the moment in his step is well captured. Like it. Warm, fuzzy feelings.

  4. What is sweet about flare is you can see it in the camera when composing. You can angle it up so the flare is out of the person's face. Nice work Troy.