Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fat Tireland

playing with 580s last night.
Umbrella'ed 580 front 45 left. 580 zoomed 80mm back 45 degree left.


  1. I must say, way better than Bull Chopra. Very well done my friend. Chopity Chopes!

  2. Looks great Matt! WOuldn't mind seeing a bit more light on the right side of the frame, maybe from above very low power...

    Great shot though buddy!

  3. Was this with the new flex5 pocket wizards? How do you like them?

  4. yep, I used 3 Flex TT5s/ They worked fine at close range and I had a lot of trouble at my last wedding, trying to fire both from corner to corner on the dance floor. I just found that Pocket Wizard's site gives some solution to the problem here: