Friday, October 23, 2009


So why do we do what we do? Why all the poses?
To make our photos look better and more different? Or to tell the story better.
I think a combination of both is good, although I sometimes get jaded and find myself competing with myself and not "capturing" the moment.

In this photo I really like the statement. Even how her hand extends more than his showing her dependance level and emotional development. He is however being a guy, head tall, proud, but clings to his woman for support.


  1. You have to realize that everyone has their own interpretation. For instance, this was my very first thought when I saw this photo:
    A young couple waiting for the hayride of love to transport them into greener pastures of bliss, away from the barn-doors of their youth. But, there's a height limit behind them that will take them years to surpass. So they wait, barn-doors wide open, for that magic cowboy and his billowing tractor-full of hay to finally tell them they're tall enough. Sadly, they gazed longingly, each into their own pasts. Which of course turned her into a pillar of salt and him into a wedding-topper...forever.
    What I learned: Always compete with yourself, because then you'll always win the prize. And in this photo, Troy, you totally got first place! I love this photo.

  2. Foster is right. The story here is huge. Creating those stories to work through a potentially clumsy session is key. I love this photo. I could look at it for a long time... and then feel really awkward for staring.

  3. Classy photo troy. If the lady was in a red dress it would look like James Bond.

  4. this is sweet troy. cool location.