Thursday, May 29, 2008

Old School - New School

Nothing like a low-pressure photographic opportunity to experiment. I took two assistants, Jon Troast of www.jontroastDOTcom and my lovely wife, with me to photograph recently engaged Nicole & Scott. The goal of the outing was to work with a Nikon d70s, two 5-way reflectors, and a gray card. 
1. Gray cards allow you to be exact with light measurements
2. Reflectors are great for diffusion 
3. Constantly reflecting light at subject is not preferred over brief fill of flash. Squinting.
Post-processing was a breeze by utilizing raw converter, photoshop and Lightroom. Selective color toning can't be any easier with LR. Limited time was spent on all pictures due to versatility of these programs. And it was fun :)


  1. hey Dave, i saw a small sampling of the engagement pics on nicole's facebook- great stuff!!! I especially liked this one and another vertical shot with a blown out white background, bring some more to the next meeting

  2. Dave,
    you should get paid to shoot photos! see you tonight