Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lightroom 2 vs. HDR

Before you judge too harshly, most real estate agents I work with like their photos a little more "fake" than real these days. So, to accomplish the fake look and to fix a bad image on a bright day I ran the photo through CS3 HDR (5 minutes) and used Lightroom 2 (2 minutes). Even with some curves and Highlight/Shadow adjustments to the HDR image, it lost a bunch of the good stuff and added some bad stuff of its own. For quick edits (not for architectural photography) Lightroom 2 could prove handy. What do you think?
Original @ 10:30am
Lightroom 2


  1. pretty sweet, I still need to get LR2, I'm slackin'.
    PS. No me gusta working with realtors

  2. Rod,
    The LR2 image looks great and has pop. The CS3 on looks flat. These will be used for the web right? I think a real comparison would be to see how they print but I'm sure the LR2 will still look the best. Looking good dude. Thanks for the post...

  3. impressive lightroom achievement. I'll post a photo real soon with which I coupled LR w/cs2. I like how easy it is to do so much in such little time.