Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Click round 2

Thanks for all who come over last night. Another stimulating episode had by all. Next meeting will hopefully be in the new Klein Ranch (actually just a house we bought and are in escrow for here in SC).

It was good to go over marketing and how we can connect to clients. We decided that next round everyone will bring photos to share and discuss.

Also, it's neat to think that we are only in the infant stages of "the click" and are already getting things out of it. Can't wait to see where life takes us.


  1. Yes, i concur! Another fruitful evening of discussion and growth. Are we dialed in to do a "show and tell" for a specific theme this next week? (i.e. wedding-getting ready, portraiture, photojournalism, fine art, etc.)

  2. Nothing decided on yet but June is a ways away before we make a desicion. Unless we need to start meeting every other week, I'm down...