Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LA or New York???

Mike, Hugh, and I went to LA on Sunday to shoot some fashion...90mm Tilt/shift lens and natural light baby. What do you cat's think..

Mike shot this gem. He's the man and creative master mind behind this project. Check out his work at www.mikestonis.com. The blur of the TS lens is amazing.

Some of mine shooting over Mike's shoulder with the 50 1.4 shot mostly wide open. Each photo was treated with the Boutwell SX-70 filter and a little cinnamon toast.


  1. that TS came out so sick!

    and miah, that shot of garret sitting on the box by the window... super eerie. it looks like he and his reflection in the window are making different faces... like the comedy/tragedy masks.

  2. that window reflection IS a trip! You can't see it on the thumbnail. Great shots amigos