Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This guy is good

So the other day another photographer approached me and said that he was shooting said surfer and I couldn't use any images on Since I know the guy I agreed not to use any until his images were published. This isn't surfline so enjoy a little sample from the amazing 7d. This kid's got pop!

Any ideas on how to solve the ethical issue of poaching shots? You guys ever have some random shoot your bride and groom? Not that it matters at a wedding but I'd love to hear ideas.

bonus images from the day...


  1. I don't want to use anyone's real name but are his initials P.T.? I faintly remember THE EXACT SAME CONVERSATION with Mr. PT last year!
    I say if a magazine wants exclusive photos then go to an exclusive location.
    And, if they would tell the grom to not boost 5ft frontside stalefish's, maybe he wouldn't attract so much attention.

  2. You are correct sir. Mr PT taught me a lot in my early days so I have to listen but in a public place there are going to be poachers especially in surf.

  3. i can't say that i really understand the ethical dilemma here... as rod mentioned, this is taking place in a public area, and from what I remember from my journalism 220 course at SDSU (which is not much), is that if somethings going down, even in on private property, but is viewable from a public space, you can't really do anything about it. It's legal.

    also, i'm not really sure why said photog would feel like he has the right to shut somebody else down. If you rolled up and set your tripod up on top of his and were trying to snap the same exact images he was, i could see him telling you to go figure it out for yourself, but this sounds kinda funny. I know this isn't journalism in the traditional sense, but i'd like to see journalist A, who's covering a story, tell Journalist B, who happens to be there at the same time, tell him to beat it because he wants to scoop it.

    that said, i think it's pretty cool that you respect the guy and are down with the brotherly photog manlove enough to let this guy have his say.

  4. oh, and the b/w frame is super tasty.