Monday, December 14, 2009

hey-ho 2 in a row.

Here's an addition to the previous post. Mr. Peterson pointed me in the direction of these bad boys:

The article probably does a better job of explaining them than I do, but basically, they're custom camera profiles, and they do something to the highlights/recovery slider. You know how the recovery slider sometimes jacks up the skin tones, and/or the color in the low-end highlights??? Well these profiles help alleviate that shift, somehow, and make the recovery slider just focus on pulling back the very top of the histogram. Kinda cool. Check em out:


Oh, and since posts without pictures never seem to get read around here, here's a picture of my niece, Babymonster, eating some dirt.


  1. Grateful for the info, Hugh; though sad to not see babymonster...please satisfy my curiosity.

  2. Skin tones are the hardest to get right in my opinion. sweet find...