Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sprouted Kitchen

Ok, so, Sara kills foods. She's got what some would call "skillz." We've just launched a blog called Sprouted Kitchen, and she's going to be using it as a platform to explode peoples taste buds while simultaneously shrinking their waist sizes. It's crzy. Srsly. And, it's been said that you eat with your eyes, so, since you all can't get any flavorz off your computer displays, you can feast your eyes on some images (see, this is click appropriate...). And maybe if we drop enough comment love on her blog she'll make us something bodacious for the next meeting. Here's a couple of my favs from this weeks recipe:


  1. already making arrangements for her to feed us amber boys.

  2. These look scrumptious but I wouldn't want to eat them. What is the last one on the right. Looks like a feather pen holder or a heart with a branch in it. Oh I know it's a hooka peace pipe...are those edible.

    Hugh, you should think about doing commercial work. There's some money out there for you in that industry.