Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm sure ya'll have seen Sprint's tv ad that was shot at Wayfarer's Chapel. I love it! It makes me smile every time. As you all know, I am VERY new to the blogging world and have no idea what I'm doing, but I did tag my inaugural post with strategic keywords and managed to drop those words a couple times in the body of my post. I think the repetition of key phrases really helped me out. It took almost two weeks, but I am now pretty much above the fold (or usually on the first page) on google searches for anything such as "Sprint/Nextel wedding commercial," "Sprint stunt groom wedding," etc. And I'm getting random hits from all around the world. That's fun. I hope it translates into some work, though! :)

Do ya'll have any tips for SEO? I think I'm gonna do some more research, as this can be a powerful tool to generate new business.

my blog (still very much in development)
And here's the spot.


  1. The master of SEO, web profit, and cool accents:
    Barry Crowther
    (949) 544-1517
    Shauna, the blog looks amazing. I sent a friend there not five minutes ago for some potential work.

  2. Great post. At Surfline we've had SEO meetings and there are tons of theories on what works best so our guru has said. He thinks variety and uniqueness is key. Multiple naming of the same words and phrases seem to be a red flag in google searches and it spits you at the bottom.