Friday, May 8, 2009

HELP: I can't choose

I got a couple cool images shooting for Miah and I can't choose which one to give to the client.
Can you help. Please be critical of which one would be the best one to give.


  1. Looks like you photoshopped the car in there. Dang that's sweet.

  2. troy. i say go with the first one. i definitely like concept of the car, but i think for a stand alone image, it's not quite there.

    It could be an awesome sequence for an album spread.... 4 or 5 side by side across the spread with the car driving through.

  3. YEah this was kind of a joke, but what you suggested would actually be pretty cool!

  4. suddenly i am sensing a hint of sarcasm in the original post. how dare you?