Monday, March 23, 2009

sneak peak from central america

after rod's gentle prodding, i decided to post a shot from the trip to guatemala. i leave tomorrow evening for the states and can't wait to dive into some of these images. i recieved some fresh tips via Hugh via our friend Mustafah on how to shoot street photography, which is a whole new world of shooting for me.

although i missed the exposure, i felt this one was most appropiate, shot from the hip' image straight outta the camera: some fellow clickers in coban, guatemala:

Canon 5D, 50mm 1.2, 1/500, iso 50


  1. I can't wait to see your photos. My experience with street photography was pretty intense. I stayed in Chicago for a few weeks on a photo assignment and experienced a great internal struggle as I debated everything from the ethics of capturing people in their element (especially those subjected to suffering) to feeling like a target for theft. I look forward to hearing about what you learned.

  2. Shooting from the hip. I like it, great moment. When did you get the 50 1.2? Can't wait to see the rest...

  3. who the heck nails f/1.2 focus from the hip??? inconceivable!

    can't wait to see more mateo.