Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Critique - Product Photography

I'm totally stoked on how this turned out! I've never shot product before and would appreciate any further recommendations.
Used a single, white reflector as the base. Sat product on white vitamin bottle. Single, on-camera flash bounced off ceiling to reflector.
Canon 5D :: 24-70 macro @ 70mm :: 1/60 :: f/11 :: ISO 400
Speedlite 580EXII :: f/32 :: 105mm :: ISO 200

Question: Does a greater depth of field (ie. f/11 as with this photo) have any effect while shooting macro?

Please share your techniques.


  1. Really inpressive espesically with what you used. Way to think outside the box on lighting.

    The glow really pulls if off the background and gives it a more realistic and rounded look. CAn I get a copy of it for my sale of my extra lense??

  2. Davo,
    Way to bounce the flash, lighting looks pro.

    A higher depth of field always leeds to more sharpness throughout the image. I believe sharpness is 1/3 in front and 2/3 behind the point of focus. So if you were to shoot at F22 while in macro than you could in theory have sharpness closer than the minimum allowable focus.

    How did you get f32 on the 105mm, I think mine only goes to 22?

  3. nailed it. looks totally pro, dave. as troy mentioned, i dig the way the light wraps around from the back of the lens.

    getting nit picky, but the only thing i could see as being improved here is the uneven reflection in the focusing distance window on the lens. maybe a piece of black cloth over whatever is in the reflection??

  4. Troy: Thanks! I'm inspired by your ingenuity. And, yes :)

    Miah: It goes all the way to F - 91. I don't really understand. It is the EX2 after all ;) Thanks for the macro DOF answer.

    Hugh: Thanks! Solid point on the reflection. It kinda bugged me too. Thanks for the tip.