Monday, November 9, 2009


Aston Martin shoot for BHL. I never knew how this was done...and after trying it, I'm pretty sure it's not done this way.
I held a light stand with ball head screwed into the end which kept the camera at the predetermined angle. Pocket Wizard on camera attached to Miah's remote capture thingy which allows the camera to be fired by a 2nd Pocket Wizard in my hand.
Needs some refining, but a fun trial.


  1. oh. my. janky.

    turned out really well though. nice and sharp.

  2. DUDE! that sounds like a cool project! great innovation! Great shot. too bad the wheel turned so much that you cannot read the full Aston Martin on the brake caliper

  3. by the way in the first photo you look like your smoking a cig!

  4. $$Million dollar car and a $40 light stand. Rod you cease to amaze! You know how to make it work.

  5. Actually it was a cheap-o, only $140,000. If it were a million $ car I would have used my $50 light stand.